Tuesday, November 5, 2013

JESUS...(Messiah, Lord, Quarterback) ..a parable..

Hi and welcome back (or just welcome if its your first visit) to doing life together in my area of internet real estate.  I woke up yesterday having a dialogue with myself about how Jesus was like my quarterback and that I was His wide receiver.  <<PAUSE + DISCLAIMER>> If you haven't read my introductory blog entry - now would be a good time before you read any further Introductions - CLICK HERE... I can't wear a mask here in my own blog after I wrote about masks MASKS - not the Halloween type..  So expect transparency here.  Without it, we're just not going to be able to get to know each other.

Moving forward...  Yes!  I woke up having this dialogue in my own head about Jesus being like a football quarterback and me being his wide receiver.  

I took to the prayer closet (which most days happens to be our family bathroom) and began to prayerfully seek and contemplate 'Jesus being my QB'.

Here's what I came away with from my initial prayer time...

1.     Jesus is calling the plays. If I want to hear where He needs me on the field to catch His pass, my eyes need to be on Him.  My ears need to be attentive to His play action calls.

2.     When I'm in position rightfully, the coverage will be intact.  Right???

3. If I catch the pass, and the play goes the way He called it - I should be able to make the play that He called - and the credit for the execution of the play should go back to Jesus, the QB. 

Ok.  Since I’m writing my best attempt at a parable – here’s the part where I personally process this parable attempt (some would call this the self-discovery portion of today’s blog)...

The field is my life.  The plays are God’s direction and will for my family and I.  In order to see and hear God’s direction and will for us, I need to watch Him and listen to Him to discern the plays. 

If I’m discerning the plays correctly, and my teammates are helping me discern the plays – I ought to catch the pass, advance the ball (sometimes to an endzone), and make Jesus more famous, right?

So what about the times, when I know I’ve discerned correctly.  My eyes are watching.  My ears are open.  Direction is confirmed.  I step out expecting my coverage to be intact and WHAM! 

I get hit.   

I usually get up, get back into the huddle,  try not to get hurt, get in right position, watch for the ball…

BAM!  It happens again.
I’m on my back.

Man!!!  I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing!   My eyes are on Jesus.  I’m praying.  I’m studying God’s word.  I’m learning to honor God more and more in my day to day life – but the coverage keeps on getting busted, and I’m on my back again.

Now I’m getting sore and a little headshy.
A little less likely to reach out for the ball…

That is until I begin to contemplate my teammates and former ‘wide receivers’. 
Teammates Saeed and Nagmeh Abedini.  Teammate Richard Wurmbrand.  Teammate Wang Zhiming.  High level “wide receivers”. 

I needed to replace a hot water heater today.  Nagmeh Abedini doesn’t know if her husband is even alive.  I was barely ‘hit’ today.

But when I do get hit hard, getting hit doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not discerning the play correctly.  1 Corinthians 16:9 does indicate that God has adversaries that set themselves against His work, right?  Maybe I’ll be used sometimes to get the ball in to the end zone, but it was still the QB who deserves the credit for calling and executing the play.   

OK.  I think I’ll reach out for the ball again today, and say yes to being Jesus’ wide receiver.

How about you?


These opinions expressed in this blog are not endorsed by the NFL.  They would be endorsed by Tim Tebow (I think.)

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