Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our songs will be forgotten....I hope.

I have the privilege of sharing my music a few times this coming week.  Thursday, I'll be heading back to the city I grew up in to lead an evening of worship.  Saturday and Sunday, I'll be sharing one of my songs with my church family at their two weekend worship services.  As I'm preparing copies of a demo takeaway to bring with me, I'm forced to contemplate the vision of what I believe God is sending me to do through this ministry; and contemplate that eventually the songs that I'm sharing will be forgotten.  I hope to accomplish (very briefly) 2 things in this blog today.

#1 - Introduce you to the objectives/vision of this music ministry
#2 - Make a good argument why our songs will be forgotten

Q: Why should I share the objectives?
A: So you can pray for me to be faithful with what I believe God has entrusted to me.  Every church website seems to have 'What is our vision?' or 'the mission of....'  They have an objective that God has entrusted into their care to manage and execute (with God's help).  I believe God will use the vision/mission sort of like the bumpers on the bowling alley that helps the ball hit the pins.

Q: Why do I need to argue that our songs will be forgotten?
A: Because they should be.  What should be remembered or asked is 'how did God use the songs (whatever they may be) to make Jesus more famous and to advance His work in the lives of others?'  Frankly, the songs ought to be a small branch that grows off of the trunk of the ministry taking place. The songs should bear fruit that expresses the Root that supplies the nourishment to bring it to bear.

I pray that these objectives would work in beautiful harmony to make me and my music forgettable - and make Jesus completely memorable. 

1. Refresh the saints - (Acts 3:19, 2 Cor. 1:3-4) I hope that God refreshes the bride that He loves so much by (a) allowing us to encounter His presence in such a way that refreshes our souls and (b) allow my hardships and how He comforted me through them to be used to comfort those in the midst of hardship.

2. Build community -  (Acts 2:46) I hope that God uses the evenings of worship, and all ministry resources to build relationships.  Strong relationships equal strong community.  Strong Christian community equals advancement of God's work in the lives of others.

3. Bring low a culture of 'worship leader worship' & lift high the Name, the Work, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ - (John 3:30) Remember that part about making my music forgettable - and making Jesus completely memorable. John set the standard for every worship leader.  "He must increase, but I must decrease".

4.Touch lives - (Isaiah 61:4) If God shows mercy to bless the objective of 'Building community', the outcome will be a growing number of lives that are touched.

5.Rescue souls - (Acts 16:31) 19th century evangelist, D.L. Moody is quoted saying these two separate quotes. (1.) "The voice of sin is loud, but the voice of forgiveness is louder." And (2.) "Real true faith is man's weakness leaning on God's strength."  I hope two things happen as a result of this music ministry in this area of ministry objective.  When someone is listening to this music ministry in their car, on the computer, at a worship service - I hope that the sound of God's forgiveness would overwhelm the inward shame that keeps them from coming to God, and a recognition of their weakness would resound to their open confession of a need for a strong Savior to rescue them.

So there you have it.  The objective of the 'Ian Zumback music ministry'.  

Now for a brief summary of the 'argumentation' part that I promised in this blog.  Why should any of the music that I'm writing and sharing matter - if these objectives are not being accomplished?  I might have a good hook or a memorable lyric; but how is that meaningful in light of eternal matters?  That's why my music should be forgettable.  If God chooses to use the music as a vehicle to stimulate, support, or accomplish making Jesus memorable to others - that's where this music can find meaning in light of eternal matters.

In short paraphrasing, Rich Mullins shared at a concert once that God chose to speak to Balaam through a donkey.  So if God chooses to speak through you or your music - before you esteem yourself too highly; consider the company that you now keep that God chooses to speak through.

I hope that you'll pray for my family and I to stay faithful in these matters.
Thanks for letting me share!



  1. Well-stated objectives. Of course, the advantage of a memorable song is in its lasting impact. Perhaps it would be better if we forgot the songwriter. While many of the Psalms are attributed to David, Asaph, etc., there are many that are anonymous, yet they have been used by the Holy Spirit to touch hearts for millennia.

  2. Glad to have your balanced perspective! Very true!