Monday, November 25, 2013

Where does my help come from?

I was able to share a song I had written with my church family two weekends ago.  The name of the song is 'Where does my help come from?' It will probably be one of the songs I record in March.
If you'd like to hear it, here you go>> LISTEN to 'Where does my help come from' HERE <<

I penned the song, inspired by personal events taking place in my life, and a Psalm that God led me to on a day that I really needed to read it. If you'd like to read the Psalm, here you go>>PSALM 121<<

Without getting into all the details, my family was going through a really difficult time.  We were in the middle of our trial (roughly 3 years in - I think).  Over the course of our trial and challenges, God proved Himself faithful to send the help that we needed to get us through our challenges.  Furthermore, God not only has gotten us through, but is giving us the grace to overcome and have victory.

As I've contemplated the help that God brings to those of us that ask; and His manifold grace - I could write a book on the many ways that God helped my family and I over the past 6 years (and maybe someday I will!)  After sharing the song, and some of the story behind it - I continue to reflect back on what I'm about to share.

During our family struggles, at times I had the same mentality that Naaman had.  (Read Naaman's story)
I wanted God's help on my terms and in the way that I had thought would 'bring Jesus the most glory.'

But God had and always has His own terms.

What I found through my experience was that God brought the help in a way that was different than I had "planned" or expected Him to.  I had a predisposition about how God brought help.  Looking back now, I'm pretty sure that at times my predisposition actually got in the way of God getting my family the help that we needed.  But God showed us grace and was patient with me.  Now I'm learning to receive God's help on His terms day by day, and moment by moment.

So... if you're reading this... do you need God's help today? (trick question.. :)...) Seriously though...

If you do need help, and are asking the Lord for it- are you predisposed to how He should bring it?  Furthermore, are you predisposed at how you're willing to receive His help?

I leave you with this..  I didn't realize how much my religious predispositions were able to influence my ability to receive the Savior's help.  According to the gospels, there were a lot of men who had religious predispositions, and were unable to receive the Savior's help too.

God help us to receive your help and healing on Your terms, and in the best way possible.  Your way.

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